As well as looking at how to draw cartoons I bought a book on Manga to give that a try. The Practical Encyclopedia of Manga contains just about everything you need to start out with the Japanese drawing style of Manga. Here's some of my attempts. Note that I have started adding "some" colouring into my drawings. The outlines of the drawings are using a black Fineliner pen and the colouring with a set of colouring pencils. If you are colour-blind and buying some colouring pencils or are buying for someone who is colour-blind it is most useful if you can get hold of the ones with the colours written on each pencil. Failing this, sticking on a piece of paper with the name of the colour on it on the blunt end of the pencil is really useful. With my set, pictured below, I shaved a little off the blunt end and wrote the colour on. Hot tip: Make sure the person who is telling you what colour is what is NOT colour-blind themselves. I have found these Crayola pencils on Amazon which according to the Q&As have the colour printed on each pencil. (Note to self: Buy a set!)

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