I've never used Paint 3D that comes with Windows 10 before today. Loaded up a picture and just had to use the Magic Select function to see what happened. Think I lost my head!


1st attempt at going totally solo in Inkscape. Not brilliant, but maybe a budding computer artist. Be interesting to see where I get to with this.

Geometric Aztec Pattern

Still using the tutorials mentioned in the previous post, this is not my design, but rather the result of following the tutorial. I must say that I sort of like the result. Link to tutorial.

My first attempt using Inkscape

sunglasse on sand created in Inkscape

So, this is my first attempt at using the Inkscape vector graphics editor, following a free online tutorial found at envatotuts+, in Aaron Nieze's tutorial: Use Inkscape to Create a Pair of Sunglasses With Ease.

This was a great introduction to the Inkscape package for me, although I think the tutorial was for an earlier version of the program as I had to think laterally in parts. A good learning curve, with my learning as much from my mistakes as from the tutorial itself. The main problem I had was in getting to grips with the linear gradients as they were different to his examples. Still, I mostly got there in the end, with the slight mistake of putting the lenses on back to front. Hopefully will soon get to grips with the Inkscape.