Colour wheel workaround in Inkscape and other graphics programs

Anyone learning about art will have come across the colour wheel, that thing that is really useless to the colourblind. Graphics programs tend to default to this method. Inkscape, for example, shows the following as default for colour selection.

My workaround to ensure that I am using at least a smattering of the correct colour is to use the HTML or Hex code colours. To do this, say for example I want a skin tone, I would search google using the term, "skin tone hex code". Google will return several skin tone values in Hex which will look like, "#ffe0bd"

Within Inkscape, you would then replace the code in the RGBA box with "ffe0bdff". The hash mark (#) is not required but the "ff" needs to be added to the end as this tells the program that you want a solid color.

You can use this workaround in many graphics packages. In fact, the only free package where I have yet to find a workaround is in Sculptris, which is a real shame as it is otherwise a fantastic graphics tool.

What's your workaround. I'd love to know.

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