Inkscape vs Affinity Designer

Just as I was getting used to the excellent Free vector graphics program Inkscape, I found a vector program within my price range which imported eps and ai files, something I have been wanting for a little while: Affinity Designer. I'm relatively new to vector graphics packages and I would find it hard to choose, at the moment, which program is better. On the one hand Inkscape is totally free and has enough functionality to do what I mainly want the package to do, but on the other hand for under £50 I can have a Affinity Designer which also has the functionality, plus is able to handle ai and eps files, and has a few other nice little features which make its use quicker than Inkscape. Having said all that, I am now in the process of learning Affinity Designer whilst carrying on with learning to draw cartoons. Here is my first result from Affinity Designer; recreating Charming Friends from 25 Quick Cartoon Characters by Christopher Hart.

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