Peanuts in the River

Some graphics are from external sources: Designed by zirconicusso / Freepik Designed by Freepik

Using a Graphics Tablet Pen

I found this video useful when I was getting bad results and a sore wrist by trying to use the graphics tablet pen like it was a normal pencil. The techniques are easy to use.


Free Rogue Mangaka Course

If you want to start learning to draw Manga, here is a link to a free beginners course from those motivational people at 2d Animation 101.

Proving anyone can draw

This is a very inspirational video from TEDx and I would encourage you to watch it.

It's only 15 minutes long. Have pencil and paper at hand to follow along. Enjoy.

My results from watching the video and following along when appropriate:

The amazing thing for me is that I drew all these in real time following along to the video.


Based on a joke found on the Internet.


Based on a joke found on the Internet.

PS3 pausing whilst using BBC iPlayer over Wi-Fi.

A slightly different than normal post, but I found the following video very useful after I was having problems with pauses every couple of minutes on iPlayer on the PS3 whilst watching the 1st episode of the new Dr Who series. I implemented the suggestions on the video and, "Viola!", problem seems to be solved. Not only could I watch uninterrupted programs in SD, but I was even able to change to HD.  I don't think it was a speed error that was causing the buffering problem and thus the pauses, rather I think the problem was in the non-continuous nature of the connection. Anyhow, the following worked for me, so well done to TheApacheKing for posting it.

The Genie in the Bottle

One of my own little animations created in Crazy Talk Animator 3, based on a joke I heard many, many years ago. More animations over at my YouTube channel.

Cartoon props, clipart, whatever you want to call them.

I'm currently creating a new animation over at my YouTube channel. I've created a few of my own props for use in the animation and display them here in this post for you to make use of in your own work if you so wish. No attribution required, but if you do wish to say where you got them from , then please do. (I'll be adding the props to this post as I create them and will link to the finished animation when I'm done.) Some of the props and artwork are licensed under separate conditions, so I cannot repost them individually.

Apartment Door

Milk Bottle

Lift Light

The Monster Under My Bed

An interesting animation, especially with Halloween coming soon.