Digital Cartooning Practise

Practising from the book Draw Cartoon People in 4 Easy Steps: Then Write a Story (Drawing in 4 Easy Steps). I think I need to work on my raster colouring though.

Start Learning to Draw Manga for FREE

Part one of this course is totally FREE. Why not give it a go? Just click on the image above.

Elvish Fury II

Elvish Fury II is the result of following another tutorial built into Daz3D. The image is rendered in iRay.

Construction of the Head

Cartoony Characters made in iClone Character Creator 3

I had a bit of a "Eureka" moment today and suddenly had an idea of how to make characters created in iClone Character Creator 3 look less realistic and more cartoony. This is Nancy, the subject of Cartoony Trials 1.

References, Concepts, Ideas.....

Just came across this fantastic site which has all sorts of different useful stuff on it. It's called Concept Art Empire and has Tips, Inspiration, Reviews, Resources, Interviews; What more could we all want?

Concept Art Empire

Pirates - Freehand practise with a graphics tablet

Working from the book, How to Draw Collection 1-12.

Drawn using the Xp-pen Star 03, non-screen graphics tablet, in raster format using Affinity Designer.

Elvish Fury

I have spent most of my life worrying about getting colours wrong if I took up art, but the more I get into art the more I realise it really doesn't matter. So what if I am colour-blind? It doesn't detract from the joy I get out of producing something from nothing. And, to make life easier, there are numerous ways of creating art these days. The below was produced in a FREE 3D Suite called Daz3D. It was produced using included pre-made content and following a tutorial. This is just my second day investingating the programme. Am I happy with the result? Hell, yeah!

A Day at the Beach

Using Daz 3D , part of a free 3D suite of software, the following image was rendered after following a guided tour to create the scene "A Day at the Beach". An amazing piece of software considering it costs nothing. Click for a higher resolution.

My entry in the July 2019 competition

This animation was created in MOHO Studio Pro. Normally my animations render real quick, but this one took a wopping 15 hours. Hope you enjoy.

My 1st day in DAZ Studio 4.11 Pro

DAZ 3D is a FREE 3D Suite where you can Model, Render, and Animate. This is the first time I've looked at the software and from what I can see it so far appears far, far better than I thought it would. It certainly isn't as complicated as some 3D softwares out there and below is my first attempt following the Getting Started tutorials. This looks like a useful piece of software to go along the others in my arsenal of software animation. Don't be put off because it is free. This is one mean bit of software. The inbuilt tutorials are an added bonus. The second image below shows off DAZ 3Ds rendering ability in HD.

Click on the below image to view full size.

Special offer

What better way to start a new blog website than with a special offer.

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Okay, so if you aren't in the mood to currently pay for software, here are some totally FREE softwares you can download right now and get animating. Check them out: