Background added to Clip Studio Paint Pro project

I think I have learned enough of Clip Studio Paint Pro to categorically say that this is a software tool that will definitely compliment my use of Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. It has features which are better than the Affinity suite but also misses features readily available within Designer and Photo. I'm only on day 3 of my 30-day trial period of Clip Studio Paint Pro and will wait for them to discount the software before I buy it. They have regular offer periods where both versions of the software are significantly reduced. Hopefully, there won't be a big time gap between the trial running out and an offer appearing.

Clip Studio Paint project shaded

Color Flatting my project in Clip Studio Paint Pro

And we have some color(sic) (colour to us UK peeps).

Inking the Sketch in Clip Studio Paint Pro

I thought I may have bit off more than I could chew with my robot sketch, but I think the inking of the sketch came out okay.
I'm still following the Udemy course for this.

Using built in assets in Clip Studio Paint Pro

I think the only thing I actually draw in this was several lines (which actually spoil the scene!). The characters are posable assets. The train carriage and characters are built into Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Sketch created in Clip Studio Paint Pro

A very basic sketch, ready for inking in Clip Studio Paint Pro. The learning continues.

Continuing with the Clip Studio Paint Pro trial

Using some of the painting options

In case you are interested, I am following along to some tutorials on Udemy. So that I get the same colours as the instructor, I am using Colorpic.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Trial

Alongside Affinity Designer and Affinity Paint, I liked the look of Clip Studio Paint Pro and thought it would be a nice program to fit in with my workflow. So, whilst working through some tutorials, I thought I'd post a few images created in Clip Studio Paint Pro whilst I learn the basics. Here's the first image.

I have to admit that so far I am liking the program. You can get a free 30 day trial of Clip Studio Paint Pro here.

digital inking of a scanned image (practice)

From the book How to Draw Digital Manga and Anime. I was using Affinity Designer and an XP-Pen Star 03 graphics tablet. I traced a scanned image using a raster brush, but feel that the finished image may have been better if I'd stuck with vector. Whilst Affinity Designer is a great program, I also feel I may have been better tracing in MOHO 12 Pro, as it has the option of using a varied width vector brush, which is way cool.