Playground Roundabout

Entry into the monthly competition for January 2020, with a "Playground" theme. Created in MOHO 13 Pro.

Showdown at the 11 Second Grocerry

My entry into the monthly competition for January 2020. Created in Cartoon Animator 4.

How to open Child Windows on same monitor as Parent Window

Having 3 monitors and an XP-Pen Artist tablet (effectively a 4th monitor), I've had this annoying problem of working on one monitor, and child windows of a parent application opening on a different monitor to the parent. This has been really annoying, especially when using the pen on the tablet. Finally, I searched for a solution to this problem and found this workaround.

The first time a child window opens on the wrong monitor, use the key combination of [Windows Key]-[Shift]-[Right Arrow] repeatedly until the child window is on the correct monitor. Next time the parent application opens this child, it opens on the correct monitor.

I am hoping this is not the only solution as it does feel a bit of a workaround, so I would be interested to hear in the comments if anyone has a better solution.