Manga Character

I might have a go at animating this character I created this afternoon. It will certainly be challenging with a head turn included. The image was created using Clip Studio Pro.

Hero 2, recreated and coloured, from the book How to Draw Manga by Andres Bernardo Giannotta.

Shading and Highlighting Practise

This is my second attempt at shading and highlighting this character. The result is okay-ish, but I think I need more practise.

Shading Practise

This is a practise at shading using the Hero 1 image recreated from How to Draw Manga by Andres Bernardo Giannotta.
[note] Just noticed that I forgot to shade the arms. That's me rushing and getting distracted as usual. I was also supposed to create highlights. Dang!

Blender Grease Pencil Head-Turn Part 1: Drawing

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This looks useful, so will be something I'll be trying later. Check back for my results.

How to Draw a Little Angel with Christopher Hart

New Faces

Yet more scribblings. My next task is to scan them in, digitize and improve.

I have found that by initially switching to pencil, paper, and pen, I am less distracted from everything else on my PC, and am able to get on with sketching. Getting the roughs on to the PC afterwards is a doddle as I just take a photograph and let iCloud automatically put them in a folder on my PC. From there I can import them into Clip Studio Paint and use them to trace from.

UPDATE 18th July '20

Digitized and coloured

In the below second set, I was working on one character at a time, inking then flatting, but I forgot to switch back to the ink layer when inking further characters, but carried on anyway. MISTAKE!!! I should have corrected at this stage, but because I carried on regardless, I ended up with 1 ink and 2 flat layers which got a little awkward. As this is only a practise though I've left my errors in.

Random Scribblings on Paper

Rough work drawing practise on paper. I've decided that I get too easily distracted on the PC, so occasionally I should practise on paper. It should be a lot more than occasionally really, but we all have to start somewhere. These are practise drawings whilst reading the book, "Cartoon 360°: Secrets to Drawing Cartoon People and Poses in 3-D" by Harry Hamernik. My intention has always been to design and draw my own characters, but I keep taking the shortcut of utilising designs from Freepik or Pixabay. So, I'm trying to turn the computer off on alternate days and reverting to pencil, paper and pen. How far I get with that remains to be seen.

UPDATE 18th July '20:

I have now traced the figures into Clip Studio Paint.

Whilst adding colour, I noticed that I had to add several lines and also close up lines to allow for proper colour fill.
I may return to these heads for use at a later date, but if I do I'll start a new post.

Davinci Resolve 15 - How to do Camera Shake Effect

Random Scribblings in Clip Studio Paint

Just some pretty basic scribblings in Clip Studio Paint. Nothing fancy and nothing great, just practise in both drawing / cartooning and in the use of Clip Studio Paint.

The Owl and The Pussy Cat

My entry into the AnimeStudioTutor monthly competition for July 2020, under the theme  of The Sea. Created in MOHO Pro 13.

Cartoon Character Design for Beginners

A really brilliant tutorial for cartoon character design for beginners for both kids and adults from Christopher Hart.


How to Draw A Baby Seal. Another fantastic short tutorial by Christopher Hart.

How to make stencil/silhouette | Affinity Photo Tutorial

A very short video on how to make a silhouette in Affinity Photo. I found this useful so thought it worth a share.

Dreamer Family Select 2020 Camper Van 6 m

Not my usual type of post, I know, but I'd really like one of these Camper Vans. There are only two things stopping me. Firstly, I need this to be a right-hand drive for use in England, and secondly, I just don't have that sort of money lying around. Perhaps that is why it is called the "Dreamer". It's still very nice though, and you never know. Back in the 1980's, whilst playing on my ZX Spectrum, I never dreamed that I'd have the computer I have these days, let alone be able to do all this stuff on it. So, perhaps, I will one day have my Dreamer.