New Faces

Yet more scribblings. My next task is to scan them in, digitize and improve.

I have found that by initially switching to pencil, paper, and pen, I am less distracted from everything else on my PC, and am able to get on with sketching. Getting the roughs on to the PC afterwards is a doddle as I just take a photograph and let iCloud automatically put them in a folder on my PC. From there I can import them into Clip Studio Paint and use them to trace from.

UPDATE 18th July '20

Digitized and coloured

In the below second set, I was working on one character at a time, inking then flatting, but I forgot to switch back to the ink layer when inking further characters, but carried on anyway. MISTAKE!!! I should have corrected at this stage, but because I carried on regardless, I ended up with 1 ink and 2 flat layers which got a little awkward. As this is only a practise though I've left my errors in.

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