Random Scribblings on Paper

Rough work drawing practise on paper. I've decided that I get too easily distracted on the PC, so occasionally I should practise on paper. It should be a lot more than occasionally really, but we all have to start somewhere. These are practise drawings whilst reading the book, "Cartoon 360°: Secrets to Drawing Cartoon People and Poses in 3-D" by Harry Hamernik. My intention has always been to design and draw my own characters, but I keep taking the shortcut of utilising designs from Freepik or Pixabay. So, I'm trying to turn the computer off on alternate days and reverting to pencil, paper and pen. How far I get with that remains to be seen.

UPDATE 18th July '20:

I have now traced the figures into Clip Studio Paint.

Whilst adding colour, I noticed that I had to add several lines and also close up lines to allow for proper colour fill.
I may return to these heads for use at a later date, but if I do I'll start a new post.

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