MAAAARRHH by breebird33

 I came across this short animation by breebird33 on Youtube. Short, sweet, and brought a big smile to my face. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This proves that sometimes it is the idea and the performance that makes a good animation rather than the package or graphics you are using.

The Sperm Bank

Created in Cartoon Animator 4, sometimes the old jokes remain funny even if they are simple, crude, and rude.

FREE Moho Characters


Sometimes you find some really useful stuff searching about on Google. Today I came across these free characters for use in MOHO. You can get 3 characters for 3, or get the complete pack from Patreon, which I haven't done yet. I want to check out the freebies first!

Christmas on a Friday

Cartoon Animator 4 is ideal for making quick animations when everything works as it should. This animation took about an hour, but admittedly could do with some more polishing.


Created in MOHO Pro 13.5 for entry into the October 2021 animation competition at

Walk and Run Cycles

 I've added a page for Walk and Run Cycles showing the keyframes which are needed to obtain a half-decent result in a simple way.