Let's Rumba! Looped animation

Quick and Dirty guide to how this animation was made.

Character created in Blender 3.0, following along to a Skillshare Course: Blender 3D | Full 3D Character | Easy Workflow, by Juandre Lab - https://skl.sh/31YAnJA
Character, without rig, exported as an FBX file, and then imported into Mixamo ( https://www.mixamo.com/ ) where it was auto-rigged and had pre-made animation added.
Exported from Mixamo in FBX format, and dragged and dropped into iClone. Music added from Youtube Audio Library, and background imported onto a plane from Freepik.com

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a very quick and dirty animation in that the character is quite basic and could do with a lot more work, and there is no real camera work here. However, after creating the camera, the rest took less than half an hour.

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